Fiolla 'ThermL' Winter Thermal Cycling 3/4 Leg Warmers - New

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Better regulate your body temperature with the Fiolla ‘Therml' Leg Warmers. High quality soft feel compound fabric. Perfect for cold and changeable conditions.

The ability to add or remove layers mid ride is essential. It's easy to get caught out by setting off on a frosty morning only to have the sun come out and over heat you later on in the day. Being able to remove or add the arm warmers is priceless on changeable days

  • Poly-Nylon compound fabric with hygroscopic and moisture release functions
  • Super soft brushed inside provides plenty of warmth over a wide range of temperatures
  • Silicone gripper free design
  • Contoured flatlocked seams to eliminate chafing
  • Abrasion resistant and long-lasting
  • Excellent stretch and recovery provides comfort and performance during activity